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  • AajCya ka;at ko`tIhI c;v; yxSvI ho~yasa#I tI Aa>nLaa[n As~o grjecI Aahe. Aaj jI c;v; Aa>nLaa[n nseLa Tya c;v;IcI AvS4a p.q tu3LoLya p(yasarqI AseLa
    nvayan . ka>m

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  • Apr,
    Sun 20
    धम्म प्रशिक्षण शिबीर @ Supparak Buddhavihar, Chembur, Mumbai @ 9 am - 5 pm by 'Samyak Buddhist Seminary' and 'Buddha Dhamma Prachar Samiti'

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Uddharali Koti Phule Bhima Tuzya Janma Mule

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