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  • Greatness can be achieved only by struggle and sacrifice. Neither manhood nor godhood can be obtained without going through the ordeal of fire.

    - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

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  • Mar,
    Mon 2
    काळाराम मंदिर प्रवेश सत्याग्रहातील आंबेडकरी शहीदांना अभिवादन @ जुना बैल बाजार मैदान, पंचवटी, गोदातीर, नाशिक
  • Mar,
    Sat 7
    Conversion to Bouddha Dhamma @ Ekta Nagar, Risod, Washim by The Buddhist Society of India

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Columbia University, USA and Dr. Ambedkar

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