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  • Greatness can be achieved only by struggle and sacrifice. Neither manhood nor godhood can be obtained without going through the ordeal of fire.

    - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

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Movement Songs

Aai Mhane re lekarala kuldeep ho Bhima sarkha (Jay Bhim Duniya)

Upcoming Programs Articles

  • Feb,
    Sat 13
    अस्मितादर्श साहित्य संमेलन @ वाशीम
  • Feb,
    Sat 20
    Constitution Marathon from Warali Sea Face to ChaityaBhoomi, Dadar. Every participant will get a copy of Indian Constitution. Contact: Dr. Mangesh Bansod (Chief, Drama Center, Mumbai University)
  • Feb,
    Thu 25
    A generous appeal for DONATION for construction of Shanti Niketan Buddhist Temple. "He, who donates living facility, gives everything"---Lord Buddha. “Give, even if you only have a little.” The Buddha. This is a genuine Buddha quote. It’s from Dhammapada verse 224. Dear & Venerable Friends, It is said that only in selfless giving, and by being generous, that we are able to free our minds. The subject of this letter presents just such an opportunity and it is for the most worthy of causes-to support a place of worship, at Tuichawng village under Lunglei District, Mizoram, India. In so doing through your generous support make manifest the words of the most basic Buddhist prayer, to support the teachings of the Buddha, the remembrance of the Buddha, and the followers of the Buddha. Establishment and construction of a Buddhist Monastery at this remote village will serve the diverse spiritual needs of all Micro minority chakma Buddhists and non-Buddhists with warmth and spiritual op

Movement Videos

Uddharali Koti Phule Bhima Tuzya Janma Mule